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ICOI’s Disclaimer of Liabilities:
The entire worldwide ICOI membership directory is included on our web site for the benefit of both members and their patients trying to locate an implant dentist or a member of an implant dental team. Included in ICOI’s membership directory, when provided by a member, is the type of dentist (e.g. a general dentist or a specialist) as well as whether the ICOI member performs the surgery or restoration or does both phases. Additionally, members may be categorized as active members, Fellows, Masters or Diplomates.

The ICOI updates it membership records periodically on the web and annually by membership renewals. The ICOI does not warrant nor endorse any member listed herein, nor does it vouch for their professional competency, regardless of their status within the organization. We do not accept responsibility for the treatment they provide. The ICOI does not guarantee the accuracy of the information found herein nor does it accept responsibility for errors or omission on this site. We are not liable to the users of this information or anyone else for any decisions made or actions taken in reliance upon ICOI’s member listing on the web.

The ICOI member listing is in fact that. It is a tool designed to identify ICOI members in geographic areas. ICOI members are generated randomly when a search is performed and are not listed according to how long they have been members or their experience or competency.

Illegal or unauthorized use of this list will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.


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