Director – Dr. Scott D. Ganz

The Implant Prosthodontic Section of the ICOI offers practitioners and laboratory technicians a focused environment for implant restorative education. All members of the ICOI, specialists as well as generalists, are included. The entire implant team benefits from annual meetings dedicated to implant prosthodontics and esthetics, training courses, treatment planning forms and patient consent forms.

Our Mission
To advance the field of Implant Prosthodontics and Esthetics through research, dental laboratory education and clinical practice. The IPS provides education through annual meetings, printed and other audio-visual materials. It provides funds for directed implant prosthodontic and esthetic research through IDREF, ICOI’s research foundation. The IPS also interfaces with the National Association of Dental Laboratories (NADL) and other associations worldwide.

Our Vision
IPS is committed to elevating the standards for those who wish to excel and develop their skills and techniques in the field of Implant Prosthodontics.

IPS membership provides several additional benefits to ICOI members:

The Annual Implant Prosthodontic Symposium:

Each year, IPS hosts a relatively “bloodless” meeting. It is a program dedicated solely to implant prosthodontic and esthetic training. As always, clinicians and laboratory technicians co-present on the main podium. Twelve years ago, history was made when ICOI’s Board of Directors unanimously voted to establish the first international section exclusively for implant prosthodontic education. At that time, Dr. Gordon Christensen commented, “the ICOI’s commitment and leadership role in establishing restorative and prosthodontic education in implant dentistry is to be commended. The education of general dentists, dental technicians, and dental auxiliaries in all areas of implant dentistry is essential to the continued growth of implantology and the delivery of excellent oral care to the public.”

An Additional Credentialing Level: IPS Mastership:

To attain Mastership in the IPS, members must first have attained Fellowship in the ICOI. Applicants must restore implants or fabricate implant prostheses and fulfill the following requirements:

  1. Provide a listing of forty (40) completed implant cases all of which must be at least 12 months old. Fully document ten (10) of these cases on ICOI’s Case Documentation Form for Mastership and submit with the application.
    Practitioner candidates: copies of pre-operative and post-operative x-rays are the minimum requirement for case documentation.
    Laboratory technician candidates: photographs of completed cases on master models or intra-orally are the minimum requirement for case documentation.
  2. Provide documentation of completion of at least one hundred (100) continuing implant education hours in the preceding five (5) years (either attending in person or completing courses on-line). These hours may also be attained by teaching courses or seminars or by giving lectures and table clinics using a 4:1 ratio at any ICOI or IPS sponsored or co-sponsored symposia. (i.e. two-hour lecture equals 8 hours of CE) or a 2:1 ratio for all non-ICOI symposia.
  3. Provide a letter of recommendation from a current IPS Master or ICOI Diplomate or member of ICOI’s Advanced Credentials Committee.
  4. Submit evidence of having presented at least two (2) table clinics or poster presentations at ICOI meetings within the last five (5) years or having served on an ICOI committee for a period of at least one (1) year.
  5. Submit a current Curriculum Vitae.
  6. Mastership Maintenance Requirements:
  7. All IPS Masters must maintain their membership in good standing and must attend at least one ICOI/IPS sponsored or co-sponsored meeting every three (3) years.
  8. All IPS Masters must also accumulate one hundred (100) hours or more of “implant education” within five (5) years after becoming an IPS Master. These hours may be fulfilled through:
    • Attendance at implant symposia or completion of on-line courses.
    • Implant lectures, seminars or table clinics. Each lecture, seminar or table clinic given at ICOI or IPS sponsored or co-sponsored symposia will be credited on a 4:1 ratio (i.e. a two hour lecture will generate 8 hours of CE). A 2:1 ratio will be used for all non-ICOI programs.
    • Published implant articles in recognized journals. Each article and/or case report published in Implant Dentistry will be credited 20 hours of CE.

How does IPS Mastership distinguish you?

IPS recognizes those dentists and laboratory technicians who have accepted their professional responsibility and challenged themselves in the field of implant prosthodontics by developing the skills, knowledge and experience and training to properly treatment plan, design, fabricate and deliver implant supported prostheses.

Lab and Restorative Work Authorization Forms and Patient Consent Forms

The following forms are for ICOI members to reproduce and use with all implant patients.

  1. Patient Request for Implant Treatment
  2. Patient Consent Form for Prosthetic Treatment
  3. Pre-Surgical Planning Form
  4. Implant Supported Fixed Prosthetic Lab Form
  5. Overdenture Removable Prosthetic Lab Form
  6. Laboratory Implant Case Disclaimer Form

These forms are only given to ICOI members. Email us at to request a forms package.