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ICOI - Dear Doctor Magazine.

Dear Doctor is a dentist-led company that exists to educate patients and present dentistry — and your practice — in the best possible light. To do that, they produce patient-education content across a variety of media platforms that is accurate and complete, yet entertaining and easily understood by patients. All of Dear Doctor’s implant-related content is submitted to the ICOI for an accuracy review, and we encourage our members to serve as authors for Dear Doctor – Dentistry & Oral Health magazine, the company’s flagship publication.

Dear Doctor makes the process of authoring an article as easy as possible for our members by creating a first draft that the ICOI member is then free to edit as he or she sees fit. The draft can be based on a phone interview with the member, on the member’s previously published work, or any other sources the member deems reliable. Nothing is published without the author’s final sign-off. The article will also be reviewed and certified as accurate by the ICOI, and carry the organization’s official endorsement seal.

Here are some recent Dear Doctor articles that were endorsed by the ICOI:

Dental Implant Timelines For Replacing Missing Teeth
Authored by Dr. Edwin S. Rosenberg

Dental Implants and Antibiotics
Authored by Dr. Marc Rothman

Dental Implants and Diabetes
Authored by Dr. Thomas W. Oates

Save a Tooth or Get an Implant?
Authored by Dr. Scott D. Ganz & Dr. Martin Trope

Dental Implants and Smoking
Authored by Dr. Richard Kraut

Dental Implants
Authored by Dr. Avi Schetritt

New Teeth in One Day
Authored by Dr. Jeffrey Ganeles

Same-Day Tooth Replacement With Dental Implants
Authored by Dr. Ira Langstein

Dental Implant Surgery
Authored by Dr. Kenneth W.M. Judy

Dental Implant Maintenance
Authored by Valerie Sternberg Smith, RDH

Dental Implants For Teenagers
Authored by Dr. Richard Kraut

The Hidden Consequences of Losing Teeth
Authored by Dr. Carl E. Misch

How Crowns Attach to Dental Implants
Authored by Dr. Winston Chee

Metal Allergies To Dental Implants
Authored by Dr. Jack Lemons

Matching Teeth and Dental Implants
Authored by Dr. Stephen J. Chu & Dr. Dennis P. Tarnow

Infections Around Dental Implants
Authored by Dr. Jon Suzuki & Lynn Mortilla, RDH

Sinus Surgery
Authored by Dr. Stephen Wallace

Authorship Opportunities

If you would like to author an article for Dear Doctor, please click here and complete the form, and an editor will be in touch with you.