A fibroblast is a type of cell found within the connective tissues that are responsible for the synthesis of collagen and ground substance. In dentistry, fibroblasts play an important role in the integration of and implant, prosthesis, or restoration. The most common types of fibroblasts involved with dental processes are gingival fibroblasts and periodontal ligament fibroblasts. They are responsible for the synthesis and organization of the collagen fibers that connect the gingiva and alveolar bone to the cementum tooth covering. In addition, fibroblasts also secrete a growth factor that stimulates tissue regeneration in dental pulp cells and the dentin-pulp complex following a tooth injury or oral surgery. Due to the tissue trauma caused by an oral surgery or implant, multiple types of cells are required to repair and regenerate the damaged tissues. Due to the responsibilities of fibroblast cells, they are among some of the most important factors in proper healing and implant success.