Blade Implant

A blade implant is a laminar endosseous dental implant that is designed to be placed within the bone. Blade implants were developed for use in the alveolar crest but are especially suited to being placed in thin alveolar bone. This type of implant could allow some patients to avoid alveolar bone grafting procedures by utilizing tricortical anchorage. While titanium blade implants do show a high rate of osseointegration and can help patients avoid receiving bone grafts, they are also subject to higher rates of failure when placed by a surgeon who does not have sufficient experience with blade implant procedures. The success of the blade implant depends upon several factors which must be carefully evaluated prior to its placement. These factors include use in atrophic crestal bone, failure to consider the patient’s tongue movements, and failure to accurately evaluate the patient’s alveolar crest anatomy. For a blade implant to be successful, the practitioner must have experience in selecting the proper patient.