Clean technique

The clean technique refers to a surgical procedure that takes place in a clinical setting. All instruments, implants, grafts, and irrigation solutions used are sterile. Surgeons wear sterile gloves, but hospital operating room level sterility is not achieved. The surgeons and assistants wear non-sterile attire and the patient is not necessarily covered by sterile drapes. This technique minimizes the contact with pathogens or potential pathogens that may be encountered during procedures such as dental fillings and dental care. Though hospital-level sterile environments are not required, practitioners utilizing the clean technique still follow tight guidelines and regulations to avoid cross-contamination or pathogen exposure to either themselves or the patient. Any tools, equipment, attire, and solutions used for one patient are not re-used for another patient nor are they taken into another procedure room. In addition, many tools and tool accessories are disposable and come sterile and pre-packaged for the patient’s protection.