Esthetic Buccal Flap (EBF)

An esthetic buccal flap, or EBF, is a type of buccal flap that is used to help a surgeon access the facial cortical plate while also avoiding as much surgical trauma as possible and preserving the surrounding soft tissue. The creation of an esthetic buccal flap is often referred to as a “flapless dental implant procedure” and is desirable for many patients who want the most positive aesthetic outcome possible. Esthetic buccal flaps are often used to ameliorate buccal fenestration defects that affect the overall outcome of the procedure, as well as when one or more dental implants need to be placed at the front of the mouth. However, evaluation of the topography of underlying cortical bone is critical before deciding on an esthetic buccal flap. Flapless dental implant surgery is less invasive than using a classic buccal flap, resulting in little to no scarring that is noticeable when the patient talks or smiles.