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Implant Dentistry is published bimonthly as a peer-reviewed and indexed journal with translations of abstracts. Qualified Editorial Review Board Members are committed to the presentation of material, which represents the knowledge and concerns of all implant team members. The journal has two major sections: Basic and Clinical Research and Clinical Science and Techniques. Significant position papers, literature and textbook reviews, readers’ comments and letters to the editors, and editorials round out the scope of this global, bi-monthly publication.

Instructions for Submission of Manuscripts

Both first-time authors and experienced authors are urged to use specific guidelines when submitting manuscripts for inclusion in Implant Dentistry. Each issue contains complete instructions for manuscript submission. If an author has any questions, the editor should be contacted.

Ralph McKinney Outstanding Manuscript Award
Ralph V. McKinney, Jr., DDS, PhD was professor and chairman of the Department of Oral Pathology, School of Dentistry, Medical College of Georgia. He was made an honorary life member of the ICOI in recognition of his many years of support, guidance and promotion of our society as well as his many contributions to the advancement of oral implantology. Tragically, he died on November 17, 1991. Implant Dentistry and the ICOI established an award in honor of Dr. McKinney. This award of U.S. $3,500 is given for the most outstanding research article published in Implant Dentistry. The Editors select awardees.

Charles E. English Outstanding Manuscript Award
Charles English, a prosthodontist, was in the forefront of disseminating proven, learned and current information regarding the prosthodontic aspects of implant dentistry. His article, “Biomechanical Concerns with Fixed Partial Dentures Involving Implants“ (Implant Dentistry 1993;2:221-242) is considered to be a classic, and is one that should be emulated by contributors to all journals. His conceptualization of “the anterior-posterior spread” in the planning and development of implant prostheses for the totally edentulous arch was and continues to be a guideline for both clinicians and laboratory technicians.

In view of the above, the ICOI has established the Charles E. English Award, that is to be selected and given through its flagship publication, Implant Dentistry. This award of U.S. $3,500 is to be awarded to the author(s) of the most significant article that will have appeared within the section, Clinical Science and Techniques. The article is to be original, not having been published elsewhere, not having been ghost-written, and non-commercially oriented. In essence, like the namesake of this award, it should be a significant contribution to implant dentistry.

NOTE: Awards are a selected by the editors and will be presented to winners at an ICOI Sponsored event. You must attend to receive your award.

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