The term “absorbable” refers to the ability of something to be absorbed, particularly by the body. For instance, absorbance units, absorbent pads, absorbable stitches, and absorbable sutures are all designed to absorb or be absorbed. Absorbable products are key in implant dentistry because it’s not often practical or possible to use other types of products. Absorbable sutures, for example, are necessary during the bone grafting process. These sutures do not have to be removed like traditional sutures or stitches once healing has taken place. Over the course of a couple of weeks or so, absorbable stitches will dissolve in the mouth as the gums heal. With bone grafting specifically, the gums are closed over the graft. Absorbable products are necessary to allow the graft to heal without having to open back up the gums to remove sutures. This promotes a healthier healing experience overall.