Abutment mount

Abutment mounts for teeth are prefabricated devices that serve as the connectors between the abutments and the replacement bridges, crowns or dentures. An abutment can be a portion of, attached to or built into the top of a dental implant. This section extends through the tissue of the mouth; therefore, the abutment is designed to firmly support and/or retain the patient’s prosthesis. Since there are numerous kinds of abutments available, the dental abutment mounts are typically included in the package of its coordinating abutment.

A dental abutment screw is used to secure the abutment to the dental implant. Although some patients can receive their dental implants during a single session, others will require a second surgical session: These specifics should be taken into consideration when determining which abutment and abutment mount will serve the patient better.

Types of abutments include:

  • Angulated abutments/Angled abutments
  • Anatomic healing abutments
  • Custom abutments
  • CAD/CAM abutments
  • Healing abutments/Healing cuffs
  • Castable abutments
  • Nonangulated abutments
  • Multi-unit abutments
  • Prepable abutments
  • Prefabricated abutments
  • Transmucosal abutments
  • Temporary abutments
  • Zirconium dioxide abutments (standard or customized)