Abutment swapping

Syn: Platform switching

This term refers to using an abutment that has a narrower diameter than the platform of the dental implant itself. Using this method, the dentist can move the implant-abutment junction away from the platform’s edge. The goal of abutment swapping is to prevent crestal bone loss and to increase the soft tissue volume around the platform of the implant. By using an abutment that is smaller than the dental implant platform, any inflammation that occurs will be farther from the crestal bone; thus, preventing peri-implant bone loss due to inflammatory responses.

A thick crestal bone ensures that the implant remains stable and stability is essential for the long-term success of a dental implant, which is why preventing bone loss is so important. When platform switching is utilized, the bone and tissue surrounding the dental implant is preserved, helping to provide patients with exceptional aesthetic results.