Access Hole

An access hole in implant dentistry is an opening in the artificial tooth (crown) of a screw-retained dental implant. This opening provides access to the abutment or screw prosthesis, hence its name. Typically, the access hole is placed on the lingual or occlusal surface, but may be placed elsewhere depending on the preference of the attending surgeon. Because the access hole easily allows food and bacteria to become trapped inside the implant, it must be covered after the completion of the dental implant procedure. If this isn’t done properly, bacteria can cause the implant to become infected, which is likely to result in rejection and potentially bone loss if the underlying jawbone is affected. Many dental professionals use plumber’s tape or cotton pellets, however, plumber’s tape is often considered the better choice. It is self-adhering, so it packs down onto itself easily and forms a tight seal that protects the implant.