Additive Manufacturing File

An additive manufacturing file (AMF) is a data format that can be used in additive manufacturing. It was proposed by the American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM). An AMF contains information that describes the shape and composition of any 3D object that will be fabricated on a 3D printer. Unlike the STL format, AMF has native support for color, materials, lattices, texture, and constellations. An additive manufacturing file contains a 3D image of a patient’s oral anatomy and allows for the 3D printing of a precise dental implant or prostheses. This means each patient will receive a prosthesis that has been custom created to match the unique features of his or her mouth. The use of an AMF and the additive manufacturing process provides patients and dental professionals with a more sustainable, reliable, and biocompatible product. This can reduce the number of fittings, adjustments, and physical discomfort a patient may experience.