Allogeneic Graft

Allogeneic grafts, or allogenic bone grafts, are becoming more popular in the field of implant dentistry. In cases where a patient does not have sufficient bone density for an implant, a graft may be necessary. There are many different types of grafts available, and the treating periodontist selects which graft is the best choice for the patient’s unique needs. An allogenic bone graft is done using human bone, but unlike other types of bone grafts, the bone is not harvested from the patient receiving the graft. Instead, it is donor bone, typically harvested during other surgeries, such as hip surgeries. The bone is cleaned, sanitized, and meticulously prepared for donation. Because of this, allogenic bone cannot grow new bone by itself, like other types of bone grafts. Instead, it is used as a framework for the patient’s existing bone to grow around to fill the area.