Alloplastic Graft

A bone graft is often needed for patients who have suffered bone loss and don’t have enough jaw bone in the area where the implant will be placed. In these cases, bone grafts are typically necessary. This allows a periodontist to place the implant in a way that will be cosmetically pleasing and functional, as well as reduce the risk of implant failure. An alloplastic graft is generally the most frequently used type of bone graft in the implant industry because the material used has excellent hardness and osteoconduction, making it very compatible with the patient’s own bone. The material used for alloplastic grafts is a type of glass made from a naturally occurring mineral in bone called hydroxyapatite. This material is both non-inflammatory and non-carcinogenic, which makes it safe for the patient and particularly effective for bone grafting. Although other types of grafts are available, alloplastic grafts tend to elicit the best results.