Alveolar Bone

Alveolar bone is the part of the maxilla or mandible which comprises the tooth-bearing and/or supporting part of the jaw bones. Alveolar bone is frequently the location of dental implants and is one of the three types of tissues that support the teeth. In patients who have lost one or more teeth, the alveolar bone begins to resorb from extended lack of use. When this occurs, the patient must first rebuild the alveolar bone through a bone grafting procedure before dental implants can be placed. Without a bone graft, the insufficient or inadequate alveolar bone can prevent a dental implant from having long-term success. Loss of alveolar bone can also be caused by a facial or dental injury, gum disease, or genetic issues leading to developmental defects. To prevent the loss of alveolar bone due to gum disease, good dental hygiene should be consistently practiced.