Alveolar Recess

The maxillary sinus is the largest air sinus in the human body, and it has three recesses. The Infraorbital recess is superiorly towards the eye, the zygomatic recess is pointed laterally towards the ear, and the alveolar recess pointed inferiorly towards the upper part of the jaw. It is this specific recess that is critical when considering tooth extraction and tooth implantation. Essentially, the alveolar recess is a depression or cavity in the floor of the maxillary sinus, formed by a septum. When placing a dental implant, the goal is to avoid coming into contact with the alveolar recess of the maxillary sinus, however, due to its close proximity to the roots of maxillary premolars and molars, this can prove to be a significant challenge. A periodontist must accurately assess the distance between the maxillary alveolar ridge and the alveolar recess in order to prevent serious complications during the dental implant process.