Alveolar Ridge Augmentation

The augmentation of the alveolar ridge, or the bony ridge of the upper and lower jaws that hold the sockets and roots of teeth, is a process that can help prepare the bone for a dental implant. An alveolar ridge augmentation procedure helps to improve the shape and size of the ridge, so it can better retain dental implant hardware. In some cases where only one tooth is being replaced, it may be done in an individual socket only. Or, bone grafting and augmentation of the alveolar ridge may involve a large part of the ridge or the entire ridge itself. Alveolar ridge augmentation can help recreate the natural shape of the ridge after the removal of one or more teeth and after bone loss or resorption has occurred. Not only does this procedure help anchor dental implants, it can help restore aesthetics, particularly in cases where the work is done in the front of the mouth.