Bioactive Glass

Bioactive glass is an absorbable alloplastic material composed of the metal oxides SiO2 , Na2 O, and P2 O5. It forms a chemical bond with living tissues thereby helping to stabilize a filled defect site and to maintain a rigid scaffold upon which cells can migrate and grow. Bioactive glass causes the tissues surrounding it to produce a substance which closely resembles hydroxyapatite. This in turn allows the glass to aid in the bioactive fixation of an implant through its ability to bind to both hard and soft tissues. Bioactive glass is a lightweight but strong material. Though it is also biodegradable, its composition can be adjusted so that it lasts in the tissues for a specific amount of time to provide support as long as required. In addition, bioactive glass is biocompatible, meaning it won’t stimulate an immune response from the body which could jeopardize the success of the implant.