The term bioinert refers to any material that does not elicit a response from the host. The body’s immune system is designed to identify and target foreign substances, even those placed in the body to aid it in some way, and therefore will attack and attempt to destroy the substance. In order to prevent this, special materials have been developed that do not create a negative response from the body’s immune system. Such substances can be classified as bioactive, biotolerant, and bioinert. Bioinert materials allow the bone and tissues surrounding it to re-grow and integrate without causing any negative immune response. In dentistry, bioinert materials are an essential component of implants, bone grafts, prostheses, and fillings. In addition to not harming the body, a bioinert substance in dentistry will also be osteoconductive and promote osteogenesis. Such materials aid the body in providing a stable foundation for future dental work.