Bone graft

What’s a bone graft? During bone grafting, a surgeon will remove a small section of bone from one area of the body and place it in the desired area of the body. While this can be done in any area of the body depending on the patient’s needs, bone graphic has a specific place in periodontics.

It’s not uncommon for patients to experience osteonecrosis, or deterioration of the jawbone, often caused by tooth loss without replacement or advanced gum disease.

What is a bone graft procedure? During a bone graft, a periodontal surgeon will remove bone from one part of the jaw and place it onto the area where the implant is desired with the goal of building up the bone in the area where it has deteriorated too much to hold an implant. Many surgeons are now using special bone grafting material instead, and a successful procedure allows for the bone to be substantial enough to support dental implant hardware.