Fixed prosthesis

A fixed prosthesis is an immovable dental prosthesis that is held into place. Technically, a single dental implant is a type of fixed prosthesis, however, the term is typically used to describe dental prosthetics that replace multiple teeth and are anchored to one or more dental implants. The fixed prosthetic may also be cemented or bonded to nearby natural teeth instead of to a dental implant. For example, a dental bridge is one of the most common types of fixed dental prostheses. A bridge is one or more false teeth that are placed in between natural teeth, either anchored to the natural teeth or an implant abutment. A fixed prosthesis that is cemented or bonded to natural teeth is a faster solution than a dental implant, however, implant-anchored prosthetics have more stability and permanence. Natural teeth must be filed down to support a cemented prosthetic, but implant-anchored fixed prostheses keep natural teeth intact.