Immediate Occlusal Loading

Immediate occlusal loading refers to a clinical protocol for the placement and subsequent application of force on dental implants where there is either a fixed or removable restoration in occlusal contact with the opposing dentition. Immediate occlusal loading takes place during the same clinical visit in which the restoration was performed. Immediate occlusal loading allows the new implant, prosthesis, or restoration to come in contact with the opposing teeth directly following the procedure. Though studies have not shown a significant difference in the success or longevity between immediate occlusal loading and non-occlusal loading, a variety of factors can affect the overall life of the restoration. These factors are largely patient-based and include chewing habits, medical history, oral care and hygiene, clenching of the jaw, and injury. In some cases, component failure can also cause the restoration to fail as can an error on the part of the dental professional.