Immediate Provisionalization

Immediate provisionalization refers to a clinical protocol for the placement of an interim prosthesis, with or without occlusal contact with the opposing dentition, at the same clinical visit. Prior to the placement of an implant, extraction of the infected or damaged tooth is required. In the past, the patient has then been fitted with a removable prosthesis for the extraction site until the permanent implant is placed. However, the use of immediate provisionalization has been shown to have several benefits. This method not only aides in bone stabilization and the prevention of bone loss, but also has high rates of patient satisfaction. Following the extraction, an implant is immediately placed in the fresh extraction site and non-functionally loaded with an infra-occlusion provisional restoration. In addition to its bone stabilizing effects, immediate provisionalization has also been shown to reduce the treatment time required and provide patients with immediate social and psychological well-being.