Implant component

There are many different components of a dental implant. The primary implant component that most people visualize when they think of dental implants is the fixture, or the screw that is surgically implanted deep into the jawbone. This is also called the implant body and can be divided into the collar, the body, and the apex, or tapered end. Other implant components the abutment, superstructure, cover screw, the gingival former, an implant analogue and an impression post. The dental crown is placed on top of the screw, which sits inside the abutment that is attached to the fixture. Essentially, there are four components that are stacked one on top of the other to create a permanent, natural-looking dental implant. Implant components vary greatly from implant to implant — some are smooth and others acid-etched or sandblasted to promote osseointegration. They may be different shapes, sizes, and designs that are suited to various types of implant procedures.