In dentistry, an implant is a biocompatible alloplastic material or device that is surgically placed into orofacial tissues and used for anchorage or for functional, therapeutic, and/or esthetic purposes. Dental implants often consist of more than one part including the implant abutment, the implant-abutment junction, implant hardware, and the prosthesis. Implants may be required due to damage, illness, or trauma sustained by a patient to the teeth, gums, or other oral tissues and structures. Dental implants come in several different types and may be placed in either a single stage, or two-stage procedure. In addition, they may be located in the jawbone or on the jawbone and may or may not require bone augmentation surgery prior to placement. Implants can be used to support a single tooth prosthesis, a partial denture prosthesis, a full denture prosthesis, or a variety of other dental restorations. The type of restorative work needed will often help decide which type of implant is used.