An IVJ, or implant verification jig, is an important player in full arch implant reconstructions. This method, when used during the last impression stage, ensures that the final prosthesis fits well onto multi-unit abutments or onto the implants themselves. The implant verification jig offers a solid structure that links the impression copings to make sure the inter-implant relationship is preserved in the final impression. This is especially critical for full-arch cases. With multiple adjacent implants connected securely at the time of the final impression, the implant verification jig allows for a very accurate master cast, a passive fit, and fewer potentially destructive forces that could result in prosthetic failure or bone loss. When impression material flexes, the relative position of two adjacent and unconnected implant transfer copings can move inside the impression material. By using the jig, the periodontist can significantly heighten the accuracy of the master cast that the last restoration will be designed on.