Narrow Ridge Implant

One of the primary concerns in implant dentistry is ensuring that there is enough bone at the implant site to support the implant. Without adequate bone support, it’s unlikely that proper osseointegration will occur. Periodontists can augment the size of the bone crest with bone grafting, guided bone regeneration, a ridge split technique for placement, and distraction osteogenesis. However, newer technology has been developed to help facilitate dental implant success for patients who have a narrow ridge, which is a ridge smaller than six millimeters. A narrow ridge implant, such as Hoissen SS implants, are specifically designed for patients with narrow ridges. The implant itself is shorter and has a smaller diameter, allowing it to fit better in a narrow ridge. Narrow ridge implants are often more affordable and don’t require as much of a time commitment for the patient versus complex procedures like bone grafting or guided bone regeneration.