One-Part Implant

A one-part implant, also called a one-piece dental implant, is one of two types of implants used by dental professionals today. The other is a two-part implant. The two-part dental implant features a design of two separate pieces — the surgical implant or implant screw, and the prosthetic abutment. The implant must be placed first and finished with a cover screw to allow for healing. When the implant has healed over a period of several weeks, the cover screw is removed and the prosthetic is placed. A one-piece dental implant features the surgical implant and the prosthetic abutment in a single part. The one-part implant was intended to eliminate structural weakness, also known as a microgap, that comes with a two-piece implant design. During this procedure, the implant screw is placed and finished with a healing abutment. Often, one-piece dental implants are loaded with a temporary restoration until healing is complete.