One-piece Abutment

A one-piece abutment is an abutment that connects into a dental implant without the use of an additional retaining screw. The abutment can be retained by cement, friction, or screw threads. While one-piece abutments are often used as an immediate method of restoring missing teeth, they can be complicated as the correct angulation must be achieved for the implant to fit properly. In order to attain the correct angulation, the dental professional is often required to position the abutment intraorally. In addition, further complications can arise as the positioning procedure may interfere with primary stability and impair osseointegration. However, the one-piece abutment also has a variety of advantages. The one-piece composition provides additional strength as it removes the structural weakness found in the two-piece implant. The one-piece abutment also requires fewer components reducing the overall inventory and gives the dental professional more precise control over the final fitting of the implant.