One-Piece Implant

A one-piece implant is a type of dental implant in which the endosseous and abutment portions consist of one unit. The one-piece implant was originally designed to address the structural weakness issues that were part of the two-piece implant. The one-piece implant increases the strength and stability of the prosthesis by eliminating the weakest point of the two-piece implant, the abutment interface. In addition, the one-piece implant is an effective choice for patients or surgical sites where there is not enough bone to properly support a prosthesis. Despite these advantages, one-piece dental implants do have a disadvantage in that they are less flexible than the two-piece implant due to their single-unit construction. This lack of flexibility prevents more detailed adjustments once placed. After imaging and a careful evaluation of the patient’s dentition and underlying bone, the dental practitioner will determine which type of implant will best fit the patient’s needs.