One-screw test

The one-screw test is a test used to check the fit of a multiple unit screw-retained dental restoration. It is one of several different types of clinical assessments that may be done to check for implant framework misfit. To perform the one-screw test, a single screw is placed in the terminal dental implant abutment and evaluation is made on the opposite side. If the framework rises or has a ledge, detected clinically or radiologically, the fit is considered inaccurate. This test provides essential information regarding any implant framework misfit present in a fixed prosthesis. Such misfits can cause a variety of issues including the alteration of biomechanical function, increased stress on the implant screws and framework, and the prevention of bone resorption following an implant placement. One possible way to reduce the likelihood of implant framework misfit is to section the framework diagonally prior to placement.