3D volumetric reconstruction

3D volumetric reconstruction is a newer technology that can be used in a variety of applications, particularly in the medical field. The area of a patient’s body is scanned via CBCT, or cone beam computer tomography, and is a painless imaging procedure. The structures of the body are recreated with 3D imaging, allowing a doctor to completely visualize the area of the patient’s body and even take certain measurements that help better plan for surgical procedures or treatments. One application of 3-D volumetric reconstruction is periodontics. Placing dental implants without good imaging is difficult and reduces the patient’s chances of a good outcome. X-ray technology helps periodontists visualize a patient’s mouth structures to some degree, however, 3D volumetric reconstruction allows for full visibility. This enables a periodontist to measure bone density, assess the location of nerves, and choose the optimal placement for dental implants.