CMOS device

A CMOS device is a type of advanced technology used to create integrated circuits. The acronym CMOS stands for “Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor” and is used in a wide variety of technical applications, from batteries and consumer digital cameras to the latest digital x-ray technology. A CMOS device works by converting light waves into digital signals by utilizing on-chip circuits and photosensitive pixels to help create accurate imaging. In the field of dentistry and dental implantology, a CMOS device is used with CBCT, or cone-beam computed tomography. CBCT takes image slices, which then can be put together to construct a 3D reconstruction of a patient’s teeth, jaw, and mouth. The advantage of using CMOS devices with cone-beam computed tomography is when compared to other similar devices like a charge-coupled device (CCD) is that a CMOS device uses smaller pixels and therefore produces images with a higher resolution.