Feldspathic Porcelain

Feldspatheic porcelain is a highly translucent, esthetic material for restorations fabricated with the traditional veneering porcelain powder and liquid brush buildup technique. When necessary, opaquer can be added by the laboratory to cover dark stain cases. Feldspathic porcelain closely resembles the color and texture of natural teeth and is a popular choice for veneers, filling gaps between teeth, and other restorative processes. This material has many benefits including minimal preparation. Patients are able to retain much of their original tooth structure which reduces the invasiveness of the procedure as well as the time required for the procedure. Feldspathic porcelain is also biocompatible, durable, and long-lasting meaning patients could potentially enjoy the effects of their replacement or restoration for years before requiring additional work. Despite the many advantages of feldspathic porcelain, it does have some issues including being the weakest of the restoration materials. When it is used, it is best on anterior teeth that still have enamel in place.


In dentistry, a fenestration is a buccal or lingual window defect of either denuded bone or soft tissue occurring over a tooth root, implant, or alveolar ridge. The term may also apply to a man-made fenestration which is created when opening a lateral window to the maxillary sinus for a sinus augmentation procedure. A naturally occurring fenestration leaves the exposed root surface in direct contact with either the alveolar mucosa or the gingiva. The condition may be caused by a variety of factors including tooth movement due to orthodontics, pathology (both endodontic and periodontal), root apex contours, and occlusal issues. Treatment of a fenestration can include guided tissue regeneration, flap surgeries, or free gingival grafting. For some patients, a bone graft may also be required. Prior to orthodontic procedures, it is important that both the root positions and the periodontium condition be evaluated to reduce the risk of fenestration.