Lapping Tool

The surface of the various components of a dental implant play an important part in the overall success of the implant over time. Defects in the implant body, screw, or abutment can impact osseointegration and in some cases, cause the complete failure of the implant. The abutment is of special significance: it connects the internal implant hardware to the external artificial tooth, or crown. When casting an abutment, however, defects in the surface may occur, causing it to be too uneven to work with. A lapping tool is a common instrument used in dental laboratory settings to smooth any surface defects that were created during the abutment casting process. Often, lapping tools are included in dental abutment kits, along with alignment guides, screwdrivers, reamers, o-rings, and sleeves. The tool is held by the handle and inserted into the apical end of an abutment to even out any ridges in the surface.