Radiographic template

A radiographic template, or radiographic guide, is a type of dental appliance that is designed to convey the desired position of the teeth needing to be implanted in a way that can be included in a cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT) scan. Radiographic templates are typically made by dental professionals for implanting one or more teeth using a type of acrylic to replicate the approximate shape and size of the final crown. When worn during a CBCT, the prosthetic teeth should align with where the dental implants need to be placed. A channel through the teeth replicates where the dentist plans to put the screw head of the abutment egress the incisal or occlusal of the implant. The rest of the template is made from a radiolucent material, which will not show on the scan and helps to hold the radiopaque teeth in place without moving during the CBCT scan.