Ramus Frame Implant

Single dental implants are costly and may not be the best option for patients who need multiple teeth replaced. In the case of patients missing an entire set of top or bottom teeth, dentures are often recommended. For patients who do not want to put in or take out their dentures every day and keep them clean, a special stainless steel implant called a ramus frame implant. This device is shaped like a horseshoe and is implanted into the mandible from the retromolar pad on one side all the way to the retromolar pad on the other. The front of the frame is also implanted into the alveolar ridge above the chin, providing three-point stability. A portion of the device will remain outside the gums, which is what the dentures “clip” or “snap” onto. This may be uncomfortable for some patients, who often choose to wear their dentures over the ramus frame with the exception of removing them for cleaning.