Scanographic template

A scanographic template, also called a scanography template and sometimes spelled scannography, is a template created for the process of capturing digital images of an object. Typically, the purpose of the template is to create a printable image using a flatbed scanner with a charge-coupled (CCD) array capturing device. Scanograpy differs significantly from conventional document scanning by utilizing three-dimensional or atypical objects. In dentistry, scanography is a type of radiography that is used to produce images of the oral structures of a patient for the purpose of creating restorations. It can also be used as a diagnostic tool to detect abnormalities in the mouth and jaw, as well as tumors, cysts, impacted teeth, dental implant malalignment, caries (tooth decay), and other clinically significant issues. There are two types of scanography used in dentistry: rotational scanography and linear scanography. Linear scanography is used most often as it produces panoramic views.