The term screw-retained refers to the use of a screw for retention of an abutment or a prosthesis. Screw-retailed abutments generally include a screw joint. The screw joint is the junction of two parts held together by a screw and is an essential part of the abutment and prosthesis. However, the screw joint can become loose and cause the implant to fail. Loosening of a screw-retained abutment or prosthesis is a complication that may occur over time and may be caused by an incorrect fit of the prosthesis, excessive loading, flaws in the screw design, improper placement, poorly made prosthesis or abutment components, and improper design of the restoration. Though some loosening may be expected in the years following the placement of a prosthesis, early loosening can be prevented through compliance with proper placement protocols. The patient should also maintain good oral hygiene and practice consistent oral care to avoid placing additional strain on the screw-retained prosthesis.