Secondary maxillary mucocele

Mucoceles are small, fluid-filled bumps on the lips, tongue, and most often, in the sinuses. Most often, this occurs due to an obstruction of the sinus ostium and the subsequent build-up of mucous. Clinical symptoms of mucoceles vary greatly depending on the area of the sinus, lips, or mouth that the mucocele is presenting. These symptoms include but aren’t limited to headaches, dental pain, vision changes, and facial and dental pain. Often, endoscopic surgery is recommended to treat and remove mucoceles. Most mucoceles are benign, but in rare cases they may be malignant. It’s important that patients be evaluated by a dental professional if they suspect they have one or more mucoceles. Secondary maxillary mucoceles are a specific type of mucocele that do not occur naturally, but rather, as a result of post-procedure inflammatory processes and trauma to the structures of the maxilla and sinuses during periodontal surgery.