Tapered Implant

A tapered dental implant simply refers to dental implant hardware that is tapered, or narrowed, at the implant end. Tapered implants are most similar to the shape of the natural tooth roots, which helps to create more stability and improved overall aesthetics in the finished dental implant. Tapered dental implants offer maximum bone maintenance, exceptional primary stability, and excellent soft tissue attachment. Many tapered implants boast a wide variety of features that make it a good choice for most implant procedures, including treated surfaces, optimized thread form, color-coded platforms, multiple configurations, and a vast range of sizes. Treated surfaces also mimic the natural tooth, allowing oblique connective tissue to attach and for the periodontist to better control cellular migration. Color coding allows periodontists to quickly and easily identify sizes and components, making the implant procedure faster and more accurate. Tapered implants are more likely to be used in types of bone that are harder to achieve stability with.