Teflon Tape Technique

Teflon tape, also called plumber’s tape, is a common DIY tool used to prevent leakage between two pipes fit together. The term “teflon tape” is actually an incorrect one; the material is known as PTFE tape or thread seal tape. The tape wraps around a set of threads and once screwed in, the tape seals any micro gaps between the threads. Plumber’s tape is also used frequently in cosmetic and implant dentistry, among other fields. It’s most often utilized to seal an abutment screw before sealing the access openings. There are a number of advantages to using PTFE tape to do this: unlike cotton, it won’t absorb fluids like a sponge, it can easily be removed to provide access to the abutment screw, packing can be done quickly, and it seals and protects the area above the top of the abutment screw. It can also be used to obliterate the screw access hole in dental implants.