University of California at Los Angeles Abutment (UCLA Abutment)

The UCLA abutment has been around since the late 1980’s, however, many periodontists overlook this implant abutment in favor of others. This type of abutment is considered stronger than zirconia abutments because there is an internal connection via a secondary metal component. No matter the implant size, the UCLA abutment can be used with any dental implant system. In fact, UCLA abutments are often used in cases where a smaller implant is needed, because the smaller a zirconia abutment, the weaker it will be. Another benefit to the UCLA abutment is that it was created with ceramic applied and baked to the entire surface instead of just the sub-gingival area. This allows for a completely ceramic crown to be used. A UCLA abutment works particularly well with a bridge, however, crowns and other restorations can benefit from this abutment. Tooth color can be achieved for aesthetic purposes and healing time is similar to other abutment materials.