A wax-up is a wax and/or resin pattern contoured to the desired form for a trial denture, cast coping, metal framework, or for diagnostic purposes. It is also a process of placing denture teeth on a wax-rim. A wax-up provides a model of what the patient’s dental work will look like and assists the dentist with the implant procedure. A dental wax-up kit is an important part of any office’s dental materials. This contoured pattern can be used for wax-up teeth or for a veneer wax-up. A dental wax-up not only assists the dentist with the implant process but the patient as well. A mockup can be made and placed into the patient’s mouth to give them a better understanding of what their prosthesis will look like once the procedure is complete. It also provides a chance for the patient to request changes or to discuss any esthetic concerns they may have.