Zirconia abutment

A zirconia abutment offers an esthetic alternative to metal implant abutments. Due to the white color of zirconia, abutments made of this material are often not as noticeable. Zirconia abutments can be custom milled or ordered as stock abutments from a specific manufacturer. They are available in a variety of configurations with or without pre-machined margins. The aesthetics of zirconia is often a selling point with patients that have thin gum tissue as there is no gray metal to show through along the gum line. While a zirconia implant is very strong, titanium is known to be even stronger with a higher elasticity which helps resist micro-fractures. The zirconia abutment price is also higher than that of a titanium abutment due to the nature of zirconia. When considering the zirconia abutment vs. the titanium abutment, these are just a few of the factors to research.