Abutment driver

An abutment driver is a screwdriver, much like you might find in a tool chest, although it is much smaller and designed specifically for implant dentistry. They are also called hand drivers, and are textured on the handle to provide a good grip. The tip of the abutment driver is the part of the mechanism that comes into contact with the abutment screw, and often the tip pattern will differ from manufacturer to manufacturer. Some hand drivers can only be used with certain types of abutment screws. During the dental implant procedure, the periodontist will use the abutment driver to screw the prosthetic into the internal implant. How much force applied during this part of the procedure is called preload, and how much preload is used differs between types of hardware. Too much or too little force applied can result in the failure of a dental implant, so using the right abutment driver and using it properly is critical for success.