Abutment holder

An abutment holder for dental implants is a device that helps periodontists avoid dropping abutments into a patient’s mouth. Because abutments, abutment screws, and even abutment drivers are all very small, dropping them is a very real issue. It’s important to keep the area as clean as possible and typically the hardware is sterile. Dropping abutments can be costly, however, an abutment holder can help prevent this issue. Additionally, abutment impression coping can help accurately transfer the position of an abutment or implant in relation to the patient’s teeth. An abutment-level impression can accurately record the position of an implant at the abutment-implant interface. When used together, these tools can help periodontists optimize dental implant placement, decrease the chances of dropping abutments during a dental implant procedure, and help improve the patient’s overall outcome.