Abutment-level impression

There are two different levels of impressions that can be made in implant dentistry — abutment-level impressions and implant-level impressions. Each type of impression has benefits and caveats, and which is used depends largely on the type of procedure that the patient needs to have and what the periodontists preference is. An implant level impression requires subgingival placement of copings, while abutment-level impressions are easier due to supragingival margins. Impression copings are necessary for implant-level impressions, however, in some cases they don’t need to be used with abutment-level impressions. However, custom abutment is typically not available with abutment-level impressions, and abutment modification may be needed in the mouth. A periodontist will perform a full examination and conduct several imaging studies, including potentially 3-D volume renderings, to determine whether abutment-level impressions or implant-level impressions are necessary to achieve the doctor’s and the patient’s desired results.