Early crestal bone loss

Early Crestal bone loss takes place around implants prior to occlusal loading. This means that bone loss occurs around the implant in the first year following the implant procedure. The loss may be caused by a variety of issues including the biological factors of the patients. These factors may include:

  • The condition of surrounding teeth
  • The quality and volume of the patient’s crestal bone
  • The condition and quality of the patient’s soft tissue
  • Biomechanical factors can also lead to early crestal bone loss. These factors can include:
  • Aspects of the surgery such as irrigation time at the procedure site and suture techniques used
  • The design, dimensions, and material of the implant
  • Augmentation procedures

How well the patient follows post-surgery directions and the patient’s overall long-term care of their teeth, as well as the care of their implant following surgery also play a role in early crestal bone loss.